College Recruiting

You should start your recruiting process as early as your freshman year. Send emails to any coaches at colleges that interest you, and include your schedule.


Cover letter: A cover letter introducing yourself written in your words with your goals for your college experience. Be sure to include your academic and athletic goals.

Resume: Important information should include contact information (name, address, phone number and email address), high school information (address, phone number, coach's name and coach's phone number and/or email), GPA/SAT/ACT (if available), accomplishments, honors and awards.

Schedule: Include a schedule of your upcoming season.

Skills tape (Web Video): Have a professional skills tape made, fundamental skill video. Club 1 offers this through recruiting coordinator Cory Sackett!

Highlight tape (Web Video): Have a professional highlight or game footage video made. Club 1 offers this through recruiting coordinator Cory Sackett!

Field Level & BeRecruited Profiles: Create a free profile for college coaches to see all of your information/schedules/videos. Both are user friendly websites to help keep all of your information in one place!


Resources Notes
NCAA Clearinghouse Register at the beginning of your Junior year.
NCAA Recruiting Rules The latest rules pertaining to visits, contacts and other valuable information. 
Recruiting Registry Register as early as your Freshman year of club. Create a profile and allow college coaches the ability to review your academic and athletic credentials.
Rich Kern A website dedicated to college volleyball including links to all DI, DII, DIII and NAIA schools and websites. Subscription fee: $25/year.  The leading provider for junior volleyball articles, message boards, and recruiting information, as well as access to the College Needs List - a list of colleges and what positions they are currently looking for. Subscription fee: $49/year. Becoming a Collegiate Student-athlete. A must read! A website dedicated to Men's Volleyball including listing of all DI,DII,DIII,NAIA programs and College Commitments