2020/2021 Girls Tryout Selections

Date Posted: 9/1/2020

Thank you for participating in today's tryout.  Below are the names of the girls's selected to the program.  Please follow the steps below to register.  We look forward to a wonderful 2020/2021 club season!


Syron, Conway, Schmidt, McGrath, Stamatis, Cox, Hoffman, Smith, Thatch, Lardi, Raimondi, Fuhr, Kaczmarek, Donovan


Westphal, Gladstein, Kenny, Klavohn, Daly, Nawara, McFadden, Rayudu, Williams, Blumstein, Betswich


Strauss, Laramie, Homan, Olvera, Budig, Pamulapati, Bennett, Ingemunson, Jacob, Knoll, Allgaier, Kolla, Dudek, Chandran, Graham, Knowles


Impaglia, Guarni, Stancel, Fernandes, Pena, Loring, Westphal, Rodriguez, Hilker, Rutkowski, O'Neill, Fisher, Cartwright, Schuman, Cahill, Torti, Barcelona, McIntyre, Scheiber, Smith, Donaldson



Ikis, Malone, Miloch, Fano, Jacobsen, Rohachenko, Budina, Czarnik, Borucki, Springborn, Pereira, Hayes, Caves, Shuman, Wiedner, Whitacre, Scheiber, Burton, DeAngelo, Kniffin, Reichard, Jasinski, Grant, Barlow, Russell, Batinick, Carroll, Wagnon, Eggers, O'Hara, Atwater, Reedy, P. Wagner, Donato, R. Wagner, Cipriani, Raabe, Thulin


1. Please watch the video with information on the upcoming season.

2. Register for the program at the following link by 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 2nd to hold your spot!!  Anyone registered by Midnight tonight will receive a free Club 1 practice t-shirt.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Bridget Haack at